How to prevent wind knots and line twist when using braid on spinning tackle

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How to prevent wind knots and line twist when using braid on spinning tackle

Postby Georgia-Fishing » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:03 pm

If you are having problems with your line spooling onto your reel evenly then this tip is definitely for you. Now what I mean by this is when you spool up your line you either have too much line at the base of your spool or you'll have a larger diameter of line at the base than you do at the top or vice versa.

You might have too much line at the top of your spool and less line at the base of your spool. What this creates is when you cast your line out you're going to get more knots as you cast the line out as opposed to if your line was level on your spool. Now it's a very subtle amount of line however it will greatly increase your wind knots when you do cast out. This being because when the line leaves the bottom of the spoon where there is more line it will actually overlap the line that's at the top of the spool and knot itself up.

So you want to have your line spooled as evenly as possible. Now the way to fix this is in the washers that are on the shaft your spool sits on it. If there are too many washers on the shaft then what will happen is when you put your spool on you will actually have a spool that's sitting too high and this creates more line wrapping around the bottom of the spool.

Now just the opposite happens if you don't have enough washers on the spool. What's going to happen is your spool is going to sit too low and the line is going to pile up at the top of the spool. So in order to effectively get an even amount of line on your spool that lays nice and flat, you kind of have to mess around with that and remove a washer or add a washer. Most reels that you buy today, they'll have a package of extra washers and that's what they're for is to either add or remove washers so that you get a level amount of line on your spool.

So as I stated before, the problem I was having with my reel is that I was having too much line spooled at the bottom; it was piling up at the bottom of the spool. So what I did was I went ahead and removed a washer, this was a nylon or plastic washer. You still want to replace it with another nylon or plastic washer when your done and if you have an extra spool laying around then you have different washers that you can use them like this as an extra reel.

I have one and I will actually take the washer out of it and replace it on to this spool because this washer is a smaller diameter well not smaller diameter but it's more narrow than the washer that was on it before. I'm then going to replace the washer and spool back on the reel. Then after I put my spool back on, that's when I want to release the bail and perform your line tests to see if the line levels out.

So there you have it, your line is spooled up a lot more evenly than it was before. This will help eliminate those line twists and knots when you do cast out your line. So again, you will need to re-spool your line. Just have an extra reel with you like I always do and just switch your reel back and forth. Take the line off put the line back on just switching the reel back and forth on your rod that way. You can easily transfer your line back and forth and test it out to make sure you get nice even coverage on your spool. Now you can upgrade that braided line without worry of wind knots or twists. Now if you have any ideas about this please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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Re: How to prevent wind knots and line twist when using braid on spinning tackle

Postby jsfiddler » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:14 pm

jsfiddler wrote:Well, not on my list but you should give the FINS Windtamer a shot. Over the years FINS learned that you have to have body in the line so they designed the FINS Windtamer line to be round. It's firm even when wet and overcomes the issues of rod tip wrapping and wind knoting. It also packs nice and tight on your reel. It doesn't soften up as the line builds on the reel allowing the line to pull down inside of itself on the spool which is the issue that creates a bird nest. A lot of charter captains will actually now allow their customers to use braid on their boats. When in the past, they would not allow that because they would spend too much time straightening out bird's nests. With FINS Windtamer, that's not an issue any longer. It's good for both spinners and baitcasting reels. Matter of fact on a spinning reel, people that use braid will often use 50 pound or even larger to make it successful in casting. With FINS Windtamer, you can get back down into 30 and even in the 20 pound braid with great castability.


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Re: How to prevent wind knots and line twist when using braid on spinning tackle

Postby Fatback » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:13 am

Good write up GA-fishing. I must be pretty lucky because I have never had to change out washers due to bad line lay. My reels are from Penn and they give you a set of washers. I got plenty saved up.

How to prevent wind knots in braid using spinning reels;

Of course try not to cast into the wind.

After each cast pull the line tight when closing the bail. Loose wraps with tight wraps on top cause wind knots, especially with new line.

Do not reel against the drag, like mono it does put twists in the line. Braid will not show twists like mono but reeling against the drag will lead to more wind knots.

When line is new make gentler casts until the line is broken in. With Power Pro I know the line is broken in when it turns one shade lighter in color. Broken in line is softer, more supple, and has zero memory which reduces wind knots.

Make sure your reel matches your rod. This is more important than you think.This greatly affects casting prformance and could be cause of wind knots. Best case is having the center of your spool line up with the center of the first guide. If your reel is too big or too small for your rod you will get excessive line slap on the first guide and this will cause wind knots and poor casting performance.
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