Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp and Marina - Tybee Island Jetties Savannah River Inlet

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Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp and Marina - Tybee Island Jetties Savannah River Inlet

Postby BlackBeard » Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:19 am

Lazaretto Creek Marina Tybee Island, Old U.S. Hwy 80. Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp - Savannah River & Tybee Island, Georgia. This ramp gives easy access to the open Atlantic waters or the back creeks of Tybee Island and Savannah Georgia.

We didn't get it on video but the water in the channel dropped by 6 feet when these two ships went by. Very dangerous to be sitting next to the jetties when that happens. And these are not even super ships, beware. In fact if you see two super freighters crossing in the Savannah River you best move before you get deep six'ed to the bottom. I have seen ships charge into the lane and push up sets of 15' breakers that run all the way to Cockspur Lighthouse. I don't think a super tanker is crazy enough to gun the channel but if it happens, you and your boat better be far away.

I was sitting in a feeder creek once when a freighter snuck around the bend on me, all of the water drained out of the creek and I was sitting on mud. Then ALL of the water came back in and almost crushed me on the rocks. Trust me about the Savannah River basin, you better mind or you will pay dearly.
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