CoastalXP How-To

Most useful to you,

Read the FAQ page which can be found at the top of every single page. It should cover 99% of questions.
While you are reading go ahead and hit the Rules page while taking note of the few violations that are NOT tolerated.
The Rules are there to back up the Mod Team and keep the order.

Above all, you may take special note of this:
this board is aimed at a general [G] audience and there will be zero political, racial, or religious debate on this site, period.

1. Register a new user account.

  • Trolls who do not login are listed on the forum listing as "roaches".
  • Great, you registered your way out of roachism, now as long as your post count is zero you will hold the title of "rat".
  • A members listing will list all rats.
  • No longer a wharf "roach" and not content being listed as a wharf "rat", you finally post something useful and earn your first rank.

2. Good, now you can start customizing your CoastalXP profile.

3. Customizing your posts with [BBCode]

  • You cannot actually see the BBCode Help page link unless you are in the process of posting; It is on the right hand side.
  • You can see the [BBCode] help here.
  • Posting of images can be attachments or links.
  • Topic titles should be as descriptive as possible.

Just a quick note on the GPS and Map pages. There has come to light a debate on the accuracy of these coordinates. These numbers all came directly from GaCRD Offshore and Inshore Reefs Page seen here. They should be used for reference only.

Information on becoming a Gold Member: About Us
Now, measure the anchor and hoist the mizzen, we be headed for Whitecap Bay.


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