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CoastalXP is all about the coastal Georgia Sea Islands and the Georgia Sea Islands Life. The Georgia Golden Sea Islands are a chain of tidal and barrier islands on the Southeastern Atlantic Ocean coast of the United States located between the mouths of the Savannah River and the St. Mary's River. CoastalXP is a Saltwater Fishing Community for the Georgia Sea Islands USA from the Savannah River basin to the St. Mary's River inlet.

Encompassing all points, inlets, islands, slough's, rakes, creeks, flats, hammocks etc between point A and Point B. Many saltwater fishing sites will kindly include Georgia with some bastard state in their coastal saltwater fishing forum, CoastalXP is ALL Georgia from front to back river and nothing but Georgia. So, if you live, hunt, fish in Georgia then we want CoastalXP to be THE Georgia site you have been looking for.

Georgia Sea Islands in Chatham County: Tybee Island, Little Tybee Island, Cockspur Island, Wilmington Island, Talahi Island, Whitemarsh Island, Oatland Island, Skidaway Island, Isle of Hope, Williamson Island, Dutch Island, Burnside Island, Wassaw Island, Ossabaw Island

Georgia Sea Islands in Liberty County: St. Catherine's Island, Isle of Wight, Hampton Island

Georgia Sea Islands in McIntosh County: Blackbeard Island, Sapelo Island

Georgia Sea Islands in Glynn County (The Golden Isles): Jekyll Island, Little St. Simons Island, St. Simons Island, Sea Island

Georgia Sea Islands in Camden County: Cumberland Island
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